║ हरि: श्री गणपतये नम: ║    ║ श्री गुरुभ्यो नम: ║     ║ साम्बो न: कुलदैवतम् ║

Ashtamangala Prasna


Ashtamangala Prasna, the ultimate diagnosis methodology, is a final word in Indian Astrology. In fact, this is an intellectual contribution of Kerala to the Astrology arena.

Again, this can be compared to a MRI scan of a family. Ashtamangala Prasna supersedes all diagnosing methodology in Astrology due to its level of complexity in mathematical calculations (Astro Physics/Analytical Science) and interpretations (Holistic Science). Unlike other Prasna, which is done by the Astrologer himself, the Ashtamangala Prasna is done by one of the family member (a son or a girl child around 10 years of age with due consideration to menstrual cycle) or the person himself. Also, the calculations and interpretations will be done by two or more Astrologers with appropriate debate before concluding any dosha.

Why this required?

There are so many reasons as to why this is required to be conducted. Some of them are mentioned below: -

  • To know about why the desired results have not been achieved (in the family/business/company etc.) even after doing many remedies and to guide further
  • To find out Kula Devata
  • To find out all dosha/sapa (curses) in the family
  • To find solutions for critical challenges in the family
  • To find out reasons for not having progeny
  • To find out dosha/sapa related to health and wealth challenges
  • To find out major challenges/set-backs related to business establishments
  • To find out any other challenges in career, successful relationships, business, goals etc.

Following the findings, appropriate remedial measures are recommended.

How is this performed?

There are three steps to be carried out in the entire process of Ashtamangala Prasna.

  1. Invitation Process:

    At the outset, the family or the person who’s decided to conduct Ashtamangala Prasna should invite the Astrologer in person. How to invite? There are NO guidelines to be prescribed. It should happen naturally. Your instinct is your best guide. This process is called ‘Priccha’ in Sanskrit. This would take maximum of 10 to 15 minutes only. After the invitation process, the Astrologer will give you a date for the Prasna based on Nakshatras (Birth Star) and other considerations as prescribed by the Acharyas.

  2. Ashtamangala Prasna:

    On the assigned day for the Prasna, two or more Astrologers would be conducting the whole process. This might take two or three days based on the complexity of the problems in the family or the obstacles towards a goal for which the Prasna is being conducted.

    The diagnosing methodology involves the following:-

    • Prathamaneetham (item which the person touches)
    • Chakra Lekhanam (drawing pattern of Rasi Chakra)
    • Rasi Puja (1 to 2 hrs ritual where Lord Dakshinamurthi, 12 Rasi and Nava Graha puja performed)
    • Position of Gold
    • Ashtamangala Sankhya (Ashtamangala Number)
    • Tambulam (Betal leaves/Pan leaves) & Areca nut (Adakka / pakku / supari)
    • There will be Six Lagnas or six points of references, viz.,
      1. Aarudham – taken by Astrologer using sea shells (Kavadi/Varatika)
      2. Udayam – time of the Prasna
      3. Lagnamsam – Navamsa of time of Prasna
      4. Chatram – derived from position of sun, Aarudham, Udaya Lagna
      5. Sprishtanga – based on the body part where the enquirer touches
      6. Chandran – position of moon
    • Tambula Graha & Rasi (derived out of number of betal leaves provided)
    • Priccha (invitation) process
    • Time when Astrologer starts from his place of stay for the Prasna (Nirgama)
    • Omens during the journey to the place of Prasna (Marga)
    • Nimittas while entering the place of Prasna
    • Deepam / Lamp
    • Oil and wick
    • Horoscope of the native/immediate family members
    • Five Sutras (based on calculations)
    • Trisphutas (based on calculations)
    • Ashtamangala Phala

    Upon completing the Prasna, a proper diagnosis report (register) in black & white will be given to the family. This will contain all the details of the Prasna including the mathematical calculations from which the interpretations were carried out and all the remedial measures. The main findings include:

    • Devata Sapa, if any
    • Kula Devata Nirnayam and
    • Sarpa Sapa, if any
    • Details related to Pitru/ancestors
    • Details of durita/sapa (curses) etc.
    • Any other relevant details of the findings related to the main subject matter for which the Prasna is done
    • Details of the rituals to be performed
    • Horoscope analysis details and remedies
    • The details of assigned person to perform the rituals and time frame

  3. Pariharam or Execution of Remedial Measures:

    Rituals as prescribed in the above register will be performed later appropriately.

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