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Astrological Analysis


The planetary position at the time of birth can be related to a ‘balance sheet’ of good and bad karmas of previous births and accordingly it shows how one receives good and bad experiences in current life. Just like a thermometer indicates temperature and does not cause it; planets merely indicate our past karmas and does not create the same. So, there are 9 thermometers in the horoscope indicating different areas of life based on our own karmas. We are supposed to undo the bad karma by way of good conduct, righteousness, helping others, showing kindness to all living beings, doing daana/japa/spiritual activities/meditation/remedial measures, Deva-Rishi-Pitru-Manushya-Bhoota Yajna etc. The core principle here is ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.

Your horoscope is a map that can guide you better in terms of what is best for you, how to undo bad karma, planning major events like marriage, children, business etc.

An astrological chart prepared based on date, time and place of birth is called horoscope; where all planetary positions in the solar system are mentioned with all mathematical details precisely.

Based on planetary positions, its strength, weakness, aspects, nature etc., an astrologer is able to understand about the carry forwarded karma from your past life and forecast the fructification of the same. In addition, appropriate guidance is provided on the following aspects of life based on your own strength, weakness, good and bad tendencies, good and bad deeds etc. : -

Physique | Health | Popularity | Fame | Education | Family | Wealth | Finance | Confidence | Courage | Friends | House | Property | Happiness | Vehicles | Mental Health | Memory | Intellect | Conscience | Knowledge | Deeds | Mantra | Progeny | Theft | Diseases | Obstacles | Marriage & Relationship | Partner | Sexual Pleasure | Disaster |Death | Prolonged Illness | Luck | Guru | Meditation | Dharma | Karma | Spiritual Path | Job & Career | Business | Foreign Travel | Gains | Loss | Liberation etc.

The purpose of analysing a horoscope is that, an eminent Astrologer is able to advise best solutions/remedial measures for removing challenges, if any, in above areas of your life. The result of these remedial measures is purely based on the individual’s intention, absolute devotion, perseverance, faith in God and most importantly Righteousness of the person.

One should also understand that there are certain fruits of Karma cannot be revoked – for example, an action performed out of bad intention/thoughts (remember the proverb “As you sow; so shall you reap”). No karmic debt in the universe ever goes unpaid.

Note: As these days, the ‘Black Magic’ or ‘Negative Energy Impact’ (in Sanskrit – ‘badha’) is discussed more and more and this fact cannot be established through analysing the horoscope; just because the horoscope remains same from birth till death; no changes in the planetary positions whenever we analyse the horoscope. Then how is it really possible to establish ‘Black Magic’ (evil eyes/enemy’s impact/drishti badha etc.)?


Dr.Gopalakrishna Sharma Prasna is a Sanskrit word, which means a question or query. The astrologer answers that question with the help of planetary positions at the time of question and ‘Aaruda’, which is obtained using ‘Kavadi’ (sea shells).

Prasna (Horary Astrology) is one of the closely guarded ancient Vedic Astrology diagnosing techniques, which is being widely practiced in Kerala for giving insight into the current moment and near future. In Kerala, Astrologers take one ‘Aarudha’ (or Lagna) using sea shells and another Lagna based on the time of query for finding out the problems and challenges accurately. On the other hand, rest of India follows ‘the time of query’ method only.

Questions relating to near future | Black Magic | Negative energy in office/house/land | Evil Eyes | Enemies | Challenges in business | Challenges in Relationships | Low Confidence | Loss in business | Recognition | Health Status | Obstacles in life events | Delay in life events like marriage, progeny etc. | Improving studies / communication tactics and many more…

Most importantly, we can establish the presence of ‘Black Magic’ or ‘Negative Energy Impact’ (in Sanskrit – ‘badha’) through the Prasna.

Tambula Prasna

Dr.Gopalakrishna Sharma Tambula Prasna is a multifaceted analysing process in Astrology; widely followed in Kerala. For a better understanding, this can be compared to a CT scan of the family. Tambula Prasna got much weightage due to its complexity in diagnosing the ‘doshas’ in the family (wider dimension) for finding the root cause of the problems in the ancestry. This diagnosing methodology involves the following:-

  • Deepam / Lamp
  • Oil and wick
  • Tambulam (Betal leaves/Pan leaves) & Areca nut (Adakka / pakku / supari)
  • There will be Six Lagnas or six points of references, viz.,
    1. Aarudham – taken by Astrologer using sea shells (Kavadi/Varatika)
    2. Udayam – time of the Prasna
    3. Lagnamsam – Navamsa of time of Prasna
    4. Chatram – derived from position of sun, Aarudham, Udaya Lagna
    5. Sprishtanga – based on the body part where the enquirer touches
    6. Chandran – position of moon
  • Tambula Graha & Rasi (derived out of number of betal leaves provided)
  • Other Nimittas
  • Horoscope of the family members