║ हरि: श्री गणपतये नम: ║    ║ श्री गुरुभ्यो नम: ║     ║ साम्बो न: कुलदैवतम् ║

Deva Prasna


Deva Prasnam, literally means Prasnam which is conducted in Temples to know about various situations and queries. This Astrological diagnosis methodology is solely an intellectual contribution by Jyotisha Acharyas of Kerala, India. There are two types of Prasnam done in Temples - Tambula Prasnam and Ashtamangala Prasnam. To understand easily, we can say Tambula Prasnam is a CT scan whereas Ashtamangala Prasnam is an MRI scan.

In some temples, Tambula Prasnam is conducted primarily to understand the complexity of the current situation since it can be done quickly (hassle free) followed by remedial measures. In some cases,Daivajna (Astrologer)wouldrecommend the temple authoritiesto conductAshtamangala Deva Prasnam considering the complexity in the findings of Tambula Prasnam,to have more clear understanding of the situation before doing remedial measures.