║ हरि: श्री गणपतये नम: ║    ║ श्री गुरुभ्यो नम: ║     ║ साम्बो न: कुलदैवतम् ║

Karma and Astrology

Cause & Effect

You harvest in multiples of what you sow, knowingly or unknowingly (Universal law).

The ancient sages classified karma into three types and used the symbol of Archery to explain them.

The stock of arrows in the archer’s case is the accumulated reserve of your karma from your past lifetimes, which are yet to ripen. It is Sanchita karma or karma that is yet to fructify. The arrow that has left his bow is that part of Sanchita karma you carry to work out in this lifetime. It is Prarabdha karma or fructified karma – karma that is ripe to reap. The arrow in the hand is Agami or future karma – karma that is yet to mature for your actions of this life.

The Agami karma, if not neutralize, gets added to Sanchita karma. While you may not know the cause of your Sanchita karma, you can, however, choose your present actions to balance the negative effects of Agami karma for your actions of this life. For instance, if you had inflicted pain on someone, you can do good to that person to partly, if not fully, offset the bad karma that can add as a result of your negative action.

All three types of karma have a positive or negative effect on you depending upon the actions that created them. For example, if you have positive Prarabdha karma, you will have good things in life regardless of your present actions; you may do unwholesome actions and make others suffer, yet have a great life with all comforts of the world. But if you carry negative Prarabdha karma to work out in this lifetime, then despite your good nature and all benevolent actions, you can have a life full of pain and miseries. Hence, there is perfect justice in ‘bad people’ having a good time and ‘good people’ having a bad time, each reaping the fruits of their respective good or bad Prarabdha karma.

While you cannot avoid bad Prarabdha karma meant for you to experience in this lifetime, the positive karma that you generate through your benevolent actions can act as a ‘shock absorber’ thereby reducing its impact on you.

Three fundamental laws of Karma:

  1. Law of harvest
  2. Law of lag time
  3. Law of multiplier effect

These three laws of karma influence all that you attract – people, events, health, wealth and happiness. The moment you set an action, the laws are put in force and you realize the effects of your action as and when the conditions are conducive for it to mature.

Not a single good action will ever go unrewarded.

“Just as a farmer plants a certain kind of seed and gets a certain crop, so it is with good and bad deeds” – Lord Krishna

If you want joy, give joy to others; if you want peace, create peace for others; if you want love, give love to others.

Some people blame God for all their miseries that are often the result of careless and irresponsible actions. For example, many live a sedentary life and have no control over what they eat and drink, and consequently get sick. Knowing well the ill effects of their negative actions people make wrong choices most of the time and when they reap the consequences of their irresponsible actions, they consider it as God’s punishment! It is like the man deliberately sitting on a hot pan and screaming for God’s help!

What you experience now has a connection with your actions in your past embodiments. So, despite being good and doing good, if you still suffer, it is due to the effect of your past actions.

The universe has a perfect record of all that we do. No matter how long it may take to return, all the harm we cause and all the pain we inflict on others will eventually come back to us. Karmic debts have to be paid at the due time. So, bad things happen not because of the negative influences of the planets or ill effects of evil power as some people think, but because the time for payment of one’s karmic debts has come. Therefore, when the conditions of life are bad, do not focus on negative things, do focus on positive things and invoke God’s blessings. Where there is Light, there is not Darkness!!!

(Excerpts from ‘Secrets of Karma’ by ShriVee Jay Attri)

Astrologers analyse the horoscopes based on the principles mentioned in various texts of Astrology - BrihatSastra (vast subject) -and come to know about the enjoyment of a person’s karmic results (positive & negative) in this lifetime. In addition, this Sastra can guide a person toward the right path of well-being, prosperity, happiness and spirituality.